Career Connections

Career Connections

Matching high school students with young professionals has proven to help students better understand what career paths exist, to cultivate open-mindedness and excitement about professional tracks, and can help to guide a student’s college degree or post-secondary choices. To further advance the Aspen Community Foundation’s Post Secondary Success Project, Spring Board Career Connections matches young professionals and community leaders with high school students to cultivate their professional lives through informational interviews and job shadowing experiences.

All high school juniors at Basalt High School are required to take the Discovery Class, a course focused on career investigations and college-application planning. Students are encouraged to connect with professionals in one of two ways:

  • Informational Interview: the informational interview is an informal conversation with a professional working in an area of interest to the student. This meeting allows the student to question the professional on the industry, their day-to-day responsibilities and more. The informational interview is designed to last about 45-60 minutes.
  • Job Shadow: the job shadow program allows students to observe the day-to-day activities of the professional, in addition to getting their career questions answered. The job shadow program is an eight-hour commitment which can be done in one or two days.


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